Kick Ass - Destroy the web App Reviews

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Funny and awesome but wheres the Easter egg achievement?




Great, so great!


Great game4⃣📱 👻🎃🎉🎁👾😄😊😃☺😉❤

Awesome Needs another ship

It is an awesome app except for one thing i think that I they had a ship that could shot a bomb so that you could explode a hole bunch of stuff in a certain area.


I love the computer version, and this one is even better! However, I would like to be able to have multiple tabs at once. ~The Shadow Review

My review for this awesome game

I think this game is awesome but when you destroy things it just disappears you should add more things when you destroy them like you should make the letters in a word should go all over the place when you shoot the word and then you have to shoot the letters.and you should be able to make your own ships as in draw them and be able to mark where the gun or guns are going to be but over all this is a pretty good do I gave it 4 stars for a reason

Needs an iPad Update

I would give this 4-5 stars but it *REALLY* needs an iPad version. Not sure I would have bought it without realizing it was designed only for the iPhone.


This game is the best. The desktop version was awesome but this is even better. More ships high scores and site of the day. This game is incredible.


Please add more ships and missiles and maybe make more enemies. Other then that it's amazing five stars also commuter version is amazing also

Exploding Markup a boss. This was a fun diversion when it was just a browser bookmarklet that let you play asteroids on any web page. Now that it's a full-fledged iOS game with global scoreboards, multiple ships & achievements to unlock, I think my head night asplode like that twitter avatar I just shot down.


works amazingly


I first played it on Google Chrome and it was AWESOME!

Pretty great


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